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    Here at Quality Transmission where we specialize in transmission repair. Our job is doing the right job the first time. Our skilled technicians, state of the art equipment, ongoing training, and our ATSG and ATRA certified shops make us the only logical choice for all your transmission and repair needs. When it comes to your transmission, preventive maintenance, general repair, and diagnostic work there is no reason to go anywhere else, we have Quality written all over us.

    Motorists throughout Chicago and the suburbs have choices. We are proud to be the logical choice for QUALITY Transmission and automotive repairs for cost conscious folks since 1988!

    Transmission problems can be destructive to your vehicle and often times are hard to detect.  The most noticeable symptoms often leave more questions than answers without having a comprehensive diagnostic check-up.  By pinpointing what’s wrong early on, your vehicle and your wallet will be happier because of it.  Our skilled transmission technicians can repair the most complicated issues that may come up with your vehicle. 

    We rebuild transmissions, replace transmissions and re-manufacture transmissions in house with experienced transmission builders. We do not use rebuilt transmissions from 3rd party resellers because we cannot guarantee the quality of the rebuilt transmission.

    We back our services with a certified warranty and a guarantee that when we fix something the first time, we always fix it the right way.  Quality Transmission & Auto Care seeks to provide the best quality service for a price that doesn’t break the bank.